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Always behind with the Accounts?
Not a natural bookkeeper? Are you often late in getting your invoices out? Do you often have slow payers?  Is the thought of GST always on the back of your mind? Do you have large numbers of suppliers to pay each month? Do you even know how much you are making each month?
Free up Time
Improve Cashflow 
Improve Profitability 
Improve Financial Controls 
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Are you wanting to Grow your Business?
Is growth bringing stress, pressure and ending up in you never have a spare minute in the day.  Are you facing a whole raft of new challenges.  Does cashflow always seem to be tight?  Does your business have a clear direction?

Align Business and Personal Goals
Clarify the Direction of your Business 
Develop an effective Growth Plan 
Set & Prioritise Action Plans here for more

Time Poor, wasting to much time on admin?
Need access to your Business Information out on the road?  Wasting too many hours trying to keep track of jobs? Need to share information with your team in multiple locations?  Looking for a cost effective IT solution?
Online cloud services - Access anywhere anytime 
Improve Productivity 
Scalable – grow with you 
Reduce Risk here for more

Did you go into Business for the same reason 90% of us did?
  • To have a better lifestyle - more time with the family, 3 day weekends, afternoons on the golf course…
  • To be in a better Financial Position – the new house, new car, regular holidays…

BUT do you actually work longer hours than ever before?  Is cash always tight?  Is employing staff a nightmare?

IF SO, you have come to the right place….If you suffer from any of the common problems that most small business owners face on a day to day basis you are probably not getting the results you should be.

What differentiates those who succeed from the rest is there ability to work more effectively and to do things differently.  The top performers recognise the benefit of focusing their efforts in the areas that they are best at.  They 'contract' out and delegate the activities that they don't enjoy and they are not good at which promotes growth and effective use of resources.  Unfortunately the good old Kiwi DIY approach only leads to long hours and poor profitability.

The good news is that there are solutions available to you that are simple, cost effective and tailored to suit you that will free up your time and help you reach your goals and dreams... to become a top performer.

Ask yourself the question: you want to turn your business dream of a better lifestyle  and great results into a reality?


If you are serious about Growing your Business, Earning More $$'s and Spending Less time in the office? ACT NOW! 

Kind Regards

Steve Lowery
Director, myOffice

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"I recommend myOffice to anyone looking for more efficiency and growth in their business. The myOffice team are great value for money and have a range of services to suit any organisation."

Rob Ballantyne, Fundraising Solutions



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